2018-Nov-11----------------> 2 minute read
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tags: social, voting, github, utterances

vote for learning

We voted! Early voting seemed the way to go this year. i normally LOVE voting at my precinct location at the methodist church but lines appear to be getting longer.

short and sweet. i have spent months trying to get my website back online. i am sure i will be continuing to tweak my layout and sharpen up the code but my intention is to finally leave it online now.

comments finally work too, but you will need to create a github account to post. that means there are possibly three of you that are capable of posting with no work needed, and so i expect one comment per year. maybe.

here is sortof what i learned. more posts to follow on the details. just being cute as i get back into writing. i feel like there were huge gaps in the knowledge i needed and hopefully i can help someone else avoid the countless hours i wasted learning nuance for seamingly minor details.

learned how to use git for R code I was working on.
learned how to use github + jekyll.
learned how to push my site up via command line from ubuntu with ssh.
learned how to setup my custom domain.
learned that microsoft bought github.
learned i was paying too much for private repos on github.
learned to migrate to gitlab.
learned how CI runners work.
learned about hugo.
learned that simple blog templates always need a bit of tweaking.
learned a tiny amount about GoLang.
learned that static sites dont have a lot of options for comments.
learned that searching the web doesnt create solutions often times.
learned about ssg solutions for comments.
learned about isso, disqus, fb comments, staticman, remarkbox…
learned i am a n00b about everything.
learned (finally!) about utterances, a bot that uses github issues for comments.

no more learning for tonight!