2018-Sep-09----------------> 3 minute read
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pack your bags! lame summary blog ahead

this is the first post i have made in a very long time. honestly i dont even know how to write any more. the online world has changed, my reasons for blogging have changed, and my vehicle for blogging has changed. ill give brevity and density a shot since its impossible to tell how long this desire to broadcast lasts. im definitely about to dart around too, no cohesive writing in this brain as of late.

i passed my tenth year at work this year, with the same employer in oil and gas. it feels good in some ways and woefully underwhelming in others. i guess thats to be expected with this length of duration. time will tell whether i act on my ambivalence. ive always felt like i have no real draw in life, and ten years is a long time to just float along.

ive been poking around with programming of late. super basic stuff in what has my language of choice, R. initially i had been attempting to write some decline curve and economic programs in python. i ended up putting it down, simply because i got bored trying to keep up with packages and dependencies and python versions. i guess im not great with the degrees of freedom that python gave me, so the constrained view R and Rstudio gave me felt like a nice cozy environment with no clutter.

lots of other goofy computer crap. my friend dave came down a few months ago and helped me run a hardline through the wall, so our plex media machine has now inconspicuosly replaced our chromecast. a real pc has always been better than all the modern network appliance junk. cheaper too. i have been heavily invested in the linux world of late. not to say im writing anything, or even running source built distros (yet). but i have definitely turned the corner on my past wishy washiness. i was dual booting for years as a fallback, but linux is so dumb easy to use now that even without any expertise its as no brainer for anyone not wanting windows malware or pay the apple tax.

my tech front is quite ho hum ive gotten more involved in both R and linux im seeing just how digital the world has become. its overwhelming in most ways to me. maybe ill get over it. maybe ill never catch up. im definitely having fun with it though.

my latest tinkerings have actually brought me to a nasty crossroads. i came across this blog and it sparked my interest into BSD, the os whose roots are in the original unix system from bell labs. while desktops can all look the same now, BSD will require a far more involved participation in setup, something i dont have much experience in yet. i havent attempted to setup debian or gentoo or arch, so virtualbox is about to become my best friend.

im also trying to figure out how to backup my own data of late. i was using backblaze but there is no native linux client and am not sure what direction i want to go. i guess i could go back to dropbox but 10 a month seems steep for a sync solution that doesnt even handle “re” syncing data when the folder is moved.