new directions

Tomorrow is good friday. I enjoy good friday because almost all fridays are good, and tomorrow is like all fridays. it is good! no other reason.

i am finally getting around to this new blog of mine. im trying to blog more meaningfully. im a grownup. i just choose to igonore punctuation and case.

1) i ditched shared hosting, and this site is now running on github pages

2) i am now using for domain hosting at the recommendation of scott. it was a rocky transition but i learned a lot and it is cheap

3) work has been very busy. we are running 3 rigs in the Eagle Ford shale and we have the same pre-bankruptcy team apart from a new drilling group. i like my colleagues and friends, and recently we were given the resources to get some new software tools. fun.

4) i do not have a new phone. but i want a pixel 2. give.

5) this year i am attempting to not watch any new television, only allowing myself re-runs. movies are ok. why? because tv is too addictive for me, and tv i have never seen requires my attention. i am also attempting to read 100 books this year. this used to be easy and now it has to be a “goal” UPDATE…this failed. we are watching E.R. which TECHNICALLY i watched some long ago, but most of this i missed.

6) i have been spending a number of weekends going to meetups with the Houston R group. definitely feels like college. smart and really nice people just interested in helping each other learn to do stuff.

7) jen is a full time student in graphic design. she does an obscene amount of homework. i dont remember doing that much homework in either degree. i guess i did it, but i have erased the horror.

8) i am almost done with the timothy zahn star wars trilogy. FINALLY! it is great! a good segue into more reading and good timing given that i liked the new movie. UPDATE…finished it. was great. moved on to the mistoborne trilogy at jens recommendation. after that going to revisit vonnegut.

9) i have been living in ubuntu budgie 17.10 on all of my laptops. the laptops are all old thinkpads i have been acquiring over the last few years off craigslist. definitely my favorite laptops by far, and budgie runs great on all of them. UPDATE…gave up running linux as primary os on my home desktop. i like steam and foobar too much. so laptops still run ubuntu 18, with two dual booting.

10) i am attempting to change the way i blog and what i want to communicate. i actually yanked my old content completely as i noticed my old blog posts rarely communicated anything of any value at all. mostly just annoying diatribes i have gone into about various current events, and not even doing so with any rigor or meaningful direction. UPDATE…my old blog was dumb but at least it was consistently dumb.

i have to find new meaning. come. to butthead.