burning at night

    I have spent the last few weeks learning to use Github Pages to host this website! It is still in flux, and I am still learning how to customize Jekyll, the static site generator used to render this site. It has some issues, which I am ok with.

    new directions

    Tomorrow is good friday. I enjoy good friday because almost all fridays are good, and tomorrow is like all fridays. it is good! no other reason. i am finally getting around to this new blog of mine. im trying to blog more meaningfully. im a grownup. i just choose to...

    DST sucks

    Today I woke up really early because I thought DST occurs at 2am on Sunday. But is that 2am the one that happens when it BECOMES Sunday? Or is it the 2am that occurs AFTER Sunday has already transpired. If it is the latter it is actually MONDAY when the...