a new leaf

October 18, 2017 at 7:39 am
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i have been slowly crawling through my blog posts since restarting it, trying to get a sense of what i want out of it.

this is obviously been my less-than-effective doogie howser journal.
it was definitely also a vehicle for goofing around with webstuff.
i had been dorking around with a few things like blogger and pre-cursors and found them not exciting enough,
so i made my life more complicated and decided to self-host my wordpress blog on my home machine in the closet in austin.
i eventually decided to even further complicate life by migrating this closet blog to a little shared web host named bluehost back then.

now many years later it lives on, albeit with no coherent message or overarching theme.
much like myself!

most of the posts rely on my either shouting about some event in the news in slightly veiled accusation.

im trying to get away from that and push myself to only focus on content going forward.
so hopefully less secret decoder ring blog posts, and more “here is how to make a secret decoder ring.”


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