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September 27, 2017 at 7:37 pm
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After a learning experience of migrating domain host, and reinstating foothills, i am back on the internet. Actually I had taken my blog down a while back, I can’t really remember why. Perhaps I felt it to be irrelevant considering the more useful way to interact with people is to click smileys and paste text poops on profile pages? Life is a journey.


Since last, I have determined I can’t stand twitter. I realize it serves a vital role in instantly communicating events across geopolitical borders, and allows our 400 iq president to sit on the shitter and explain politics in the most succinct fashion, but apart from those two uses it feels like communicating with a manic cartoon that can’t make a salient point so just blithers to get attention.


Also on the hate box is facebook. Let’s learn whats going on by endlessly scrolling through a select group of feeds that regurgitate the same shit on different days so that we feel connected to people that are barely actually thinking about anything while doing the same thing. Hey this isn’t new, I just reached a more concrete tipping point I guess. old man-ism?


Last on the shit board is instagram. Instagram used to be the only one i could tolerate, but it has also devolved into a cesspoll dream board of the same psuedo arty creative-like HGTV baby obsessed hispter helga filtered narrative that serves to “justify” the internet and the connective tissue of sappy moronic 4 year intellects across all boundaries. We post about ship lap so we are close to each other! We both birthed things that look exactly the same as all the other ones out there! But my post is unique!


Let’s take this fine moment to recognize that time has no effect on my crusty hateful platform of agnostic hate for the sappy effluent that flows freely out of the bowels of the internet. If facebook was called ragebook and checked all of my boxes I would still hate it. I’m happily comfortable with this situation though, and happily and frankly cathartically mouthing off in the cavernous and empty halls of my silent internet mansion.


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  1. Aamir

    on October 8, 2017 at 12:22 pm

    doo-doo, do-do!