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July 1, 2015 at 11:26 pm
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i had to reinstall our nest because ours broke. they sent us a new one.
i forgot to take a picture of the wiring that our contractor had used for the stand in el cheapo thermostat.
and so i began the iterative process of turning off the a/c and furnace power from the breaker outside, coming back inside, rewiring, turning on, etc.
this was becoming relatively worthless, so my iterations were NOT seeded by a good guess, since i obviously dont have a heat pump, and the wiring was telling nest that i did.

initially, i had the blue wire plugged into the O or B port on nest. that is apparently only for heat pumps.
so a little joogling told me that the blue wire is commonly also the “common” wire and should be plugged into the C port.
i didnt think i had a common wire, but i figured if it was a common wire it would have already shorted the nest out since it was in the heat pump port, so i gave it a shot.

no dice.

so i thought “maybe camera sync on dropbox will SAVE MY BACON.
sure enough, a photo from 2013 is sitting in my “D:\Dropbox\Photos\@iphone” folder, WAITING to be ogled.
with the help of dropbox and my superb photo skills, i narrrowed it down to the cooling wire not being in the correct place.

the BLUE wire, which sometimes goes into the C port, is actually INCORRECTLY COLORED. actually, MY blue wire, is the COOLING wire, so it needed to go in the Y1 port on the nest.

popped it in and we have techno heating and cooling again.

why do we have a nest?

because jen and i do not enjoy walking 15 feet from our bed when we realize it is too hot or cold but we are already snuggled up.
yes say it with me: BOURGEOIS ASSHOLES.

and there you have my first home improvement post from this house.

stay tuned for when i explain how to call a contractor, to do all of your home improvement for you.



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  1. The Baron

    on July 7, 2015 at 3:11 pm

    “reinstall nest SAVE MY BACON techno cooling BOURGEOIS ASSHOLES call a contractor”

    There, I shortened it to tweetable form for you.

  2. samir

    on July 10, 2015 at 9:05 pm

    i appreciate the help! are you in IT that was so computer hard!