snow crash

June 21, 2015 at 7:02 pm
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its a good book. im rereading it. the weird thing is when i first read it i had a 386 computer with a 14″ CRT monitor and the word “iphone” would have been what a baby would say if you put a cordless phone in front of it. “i phone ga ga”

if i am not mistaken the book was a gift my mom got me on recommendation from ik/ed at musabelles.

now i am rereading it on an ipad with a kindle app. i can xray the page and find out all kinds of weird references, i can adjust the text size. if i had an oculus i could probably read it while looking at a live view of the earth via ISS.

basically snow crash didnt happen to the same extent. but the librarian is practically upon us. facebook tries to shove nam shubs at us via the feed. the metaverse is yet to get beamed into my eye via laser and i doubt the black sun would be anything but ads for shit you buy at target or best buy, but ultimately we are all turning into lagos, and raven is probably some dude at darpa more than an inuit olympian.

the real question is whether i will be able to get a rat thing as a pet. because that plus a pizza from uncle enzo are the things that are still pretty far away.


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