idk, just joogle it: meated laundry.

November 8, 2010 at 12:35 am
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well i went for a bike ride today with jen. we did laundry, made pasta, and watched rocky v peripherally.
i monkeyed with a neat but retarded theme in wordpress with mike who IS a php superhero();
i played with no fewer than 20 apps on my phone today and took no less than 25 pictures.
i also logged into my home machine with teamviewer to look up at least 3 passwords and to check to see how a webpage rendered in a normal web browser.

hello! i am the same samir from months ago but much has changed around me.

some of you have no clue where i have been. i am in oklahoma. where is oklahoma?

oklahoma is a state north of the texas panhandle. oklahoma is a state where many people pack heat.
oklahoma is a state where obama and the gd liberals do not usually feel at home.
what do i do in oklahoma?
i am a petroleum engineer trying to learn as much as possible about fracturing and reservoir engineering.
i also:
take pictures, watch movies, play video games, go on bike rides, find thrift, watch bison.
oklahoma is just the state. i live in tulsa. Tulsa has no good south Indian restaurants.

today i met an old colleague for beers at a crappy bar down the street, which incidentally was in front of the duplex i was robbed at. yes! i was robbed! in oklahoma! if only i had my OWN gun…sike! guns are only good when they make portals.

it is getting colder in tulsa. tonight im wearing my marmot and ready to get under the covers. soon it will snow. i like it when it snows but im a weakling. i inevitably get sick once every winter. why? because i think to myself “cold shmold this tshirt is plenty warm” right about the same time i inhale 8 pounds of germs on the street.

maybe if i make a turmeric solution and spray it everywhere i go…

it wouldnt be a real post if i didnt talk about the meta a little bit.

currently i am using the following:

google voice: i dont listen to your messages. i wait for the terrible transcription, and then evaluate whether i want to go through the rigmarole of playing it back on the web. google voice is also now how i mostly text on my iphone. more on this in a moment.

dropbox: i use this for syncing a ton of stuff. work documents, photos, lists, autoexec.bat files, etc

cydia: yes the jailbreak has been with me for years now, but thankfully it has become so retardedly easy to jailbreak your phone that i dont have to worry about losing settings every ten days. lately the most used apps from cydia for me are sms GV extension, bitesms, sbsettings, winterboard and tetherme. if you work for at&t tether me is a game of tether ball. for me.

I’m also starting to play with Xcode, the development kit package apple doles out for iPhone app developers. let’s see how long I do this before running for cover. or for Terry wagners office.

so I mentioned google voice. I use a program called voice Mac on my desktop and laptop. additionally I use gvconnect on the phone to listen to voicemail if I have to. for text, I was limited to the web app or gvconnect until recently. Now I use bitesms which is a replacement for the default text app, but with an add-on that hooks txt directly into google voice. yep. native integration. nice. technically I could cancel all text with at&t and still have seamless text sans MMS. meh.

life is good. thanksgiving is en route. this post is being finished up on the phone. you don’t care because you have better things to do than blog from a phone. I dont!


postscript: wordpress post revision tracking is good.



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  1. yasmin

    on November 8, 2010 at 5:39 pm

    welcome back dinker. i love the photo. i love the nerdy talk. i need to get hooked into google voice. im not in the loop. DINKERBUTT.

  2. The Baron

    on November 8, 2010 at 6:14 pm

    Wait. You live in Oklahoma now?