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March 20, 2010 at 9:04 am
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im pretty fickle when it comes to the software im using. i think its more a case of just another thing to do. some people collect stamps, i deride the hard work of software developers, probably immaturely, most of the time.

the latest of my reversions is the eschewing of mobile me. so soon you ask? well that so quickly is due to google.

mobile me was initially not something i cared about for the first year of using an iphone. google worked, and i used a single calendar pretty casually. then i talked to my cousin and was helping her migrate from mobile me to google and realized mobile me made all of that setup a hell of a lot easier. i tried it out for 3 months, and liked it. so i renewed for a whole year. not to mention convinced her she should stick with mobile me vs help her migrate to freegle.

mobile me is pretty nice. you have everything important pushing up to the cloud. if you have all apple devices its pretty simple to get it working. if you have MOST apple devices its mostly simple, partially a pain in the ass.

that part aside, it gave me easy calendar sync between my phone, my laptop, my desktop, and the web UI that provides. it also gave me push email on the phone, safari bookmark sync, remote wipe and lock of the iphone, and bidirectional contact sync.

in theory this is a great bargain. problem is its not that great of a bargain if its flaky. mobile me is flaky. back when i decided to try out mobile me, google was flakier. the contact sync did janky panky and made duplicates, there was no push mail yet, and calendar support was not mature at all. not to mention the windows support might as well be called “steaming pile of shit on your elbow.”

no longer. here is my current take on the entire situation. if you are quite capable, use your computer a lot, and are comfortable actually learning how your data is “pushed” and “synced” then its a pretty worthwhile task to move to google sync vs mobile me. why? all of the google apps are free, and the quality of their sync capability is excellent. additionally, the web UI of google apps is far superior to the crap that apple provides. using your iDisk through the web is slow, clunky, and confusing. so is managing your calendars. and making a vcard export on of ~200 contacts took over 10 minutes. suckage.

moreover, i hate the apple philosophy regarding photos. iphoto is a dungeon for your pictures, and makes it really easy for you to have shitty organization. it takes the same approach itunes does in fact. dump it all into a directory, and make a flatfile that tracks the meta information. essentially locking you into that software for the rest of your life and turning you into a zealot when it comes to iTunes, the ie6 of apple. this is not a problem for most people, so maybe it’s a personal problem.

picasa has a sync client. repeat. sync client. I’m starting shit now because most photophiles are using flickr. I myself still have a pro account, so my change over was obviously recent and abrupt. the reason? it sucks to have to upload photos. it seems simple as pie, but so do 800 of your daily tech-chores, so you end up not tagging, not annotating, and not getting a good sense of your pictures in any meaningful context. see what’s wrong?the flickr uploader is not a “sync” client. just pushes up, and it does it slowly and badly. whereas picasa allows you to dump pictures into folders and they automagically get sucked into google storage nirvana. later, when you are drunk and chillin with your pepsi max, you can batch tag all of your pics and quickly adjust photos. and the day when picasa/google shits the bed and you know you have to move to x y z? breeze. you have a mirror sitting on your computer with ALL meta information.

do the same with aperture, iPhoto, windows media gallery, etc. i did. it was bad. only one solution pulled my flickr pics WITH meta information, and it took days.

picasa does in fact push to flickr as well, but no sync. and picasa web albums are pretty fugly compared to zenphoto. comparing to flickr is dumb because flickr is ugly too. what was the tipping point?

5 bux->20gb->1 year, shared with your gmail account.

it’s a recession. marginal benefit. if your way is working, stick to it. I moved.

what do you lose? well if you view your photos as fodder for facebook-esque popularity, stay with flickr. if you hate using the picasa client for batch photo editing, (vs adobe butthole-ware or apple flatfile solutions) you should stay with flickr. if you are, let’s be honest, technically inept but want the functionality, I would say stay with flickr. wasn’t a potshot, just think you’ll have better brainless uploading on flickr, and its tried and true.

wow! I’m pro google again! sucks that apple and google are no longer BFFs. still, the picasa client in osx and windows is the same, and it’s worth at least a cursory look before ignoring. same with using google sync over mobile me for push mail, contacts, and calendaring.

I do not help anyone with this stuff so you are on your own if you try.




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  1. yasmin

    on March 21, 2010 at 4:53 pm

    so i did the right thing sticking with google for my contacts and calendars. it’s still working out pretty well for me…

  2. jen

    on March 25, 2010 at 9:23 pm

    nerd alert!

  3. Rhea

    on March 30, 2010 at 3:48 am

    jesus. somebody should be paying you for that