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February 19, 2010 at 2:32 am
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i dont like blogging lately. i dont like it because it feels dirty. like posting to facebook. ive dipped my pen in dirty shit ink and now my blogging is taint mounted. i dipped it way back. one of the first pens. im an old canker.

im ok with tmounted i guess. im tainted by the good and shit in life now. im no baby. life in oklahoma is as taint mounted as most places ive lived, mostly. cloistered, true, but still, tm is tm. its just that the tmount here is more easily identified. tattoos? maybe if people had them: FACEBOOK TMOUNT ASS. would everyone wear it? id be alone. maybe steven. hes an ass on fbook. meh. fyi i didnt make meh. im not that cool. mike lossos made it for me. it was my first meh, i adopted it, and im citing it. i do that. im not a ripper offer. hear that OK? cite it dont rip it.

so much has happened to me in the last 4 months that im pretty sure i have a novel of perfection and putrescence to publish. the range is awesome to behold. no its not. its old hat?

burglars? yeah. more hit me. was it at gunpoint? no. only chris remembers. was it full of love? yeah. only the lovers and the haters and the trespassers care. was there technology? yeah. tom cruise missed the script. gave it to alecgynness. was there music? ask the organ. it knows nothing. i saw dorian small, i saw elvis again, i saw the ghostland (barely), i saw weird stuff at soundpony that sounded good at the show but sucked after i listened to the cd i bought.

lets start somewhere real. a beautiful hotness and i dated for a brief forever and had some great now and thens and in betweens. we also saw vomit and wheatgrass and bad cameron movies together. we liked friday night lights and mostly liked eggs/cooking (not really just well cooked eggs @adamrio). there was lots of good and more than enough love in the world of happiness. the hurt afterwards is worse than rambo III and that bullet. happy doesnt erase imparity. life is a dick. wake up me. the app i use isnt working.

im inside a shell of hesitance lately. im not lost, nor am i in need of counsel. im just fucked up by a major rift in my life that i need to bridge and its a slow course. id say its the second rift but i barely understand one from the other.

love is awesome. and by that i mean a tall precipice you can stand on or fall off. dont fall off it sucks. hey thats wisdom! (bleh)

i went to prague.
mikes camera. mine was taken. by DICKS.

it was extremely soon to leave the country after having my domicile raped again by would be “artisans” but it was travel or lose more money so i gunned it to the soviet failure. what happened? mike and aaron helped me drink my happiness away. what? wasnt i latently TB? why yes! its ok! i saw the last starfighter and i pressed THAT button!

we met people. we talked to people (while ordering) mike bought aaron a hat (again) i yelled cabbage (repeatedly) we walked (5-10 per day) we danced (once?) we drank (our sorrows?) into oblivion. they are of my best friends. dont screw with them. thats my right not yours. wait i owe rogers, and barras. so im into them both again. damnit.

christ mass sucked. im done with christ mass. unless its shel silversteins in july. its not cultural to waste money. its not religious to not spend that money on the unfortunate. its not good to hate on the unknown. its not healthy to eat an assload of crappy food for a week. its also not right to not sell <3.2 at grocery stores. unrelated. just end christ mass. stop massing. wake up assholes. im a diva. where the hell am i lately. its hard for me to determine. i am starting to dig into my work. i see a bigger picture i guess. whats weird about it is i see a bigger picture that is both related and unrelated to my job. jobs, friends, family, music, fish, love, shades, over-used irony and mod-squad lingo. the year is ripe. i have a lot to learn and hopefully less to not blog about. why do i use the word blog again after years? because blogging sucks again. yes. you are one of four to read this. its already ancient! i resolve, months late, not to disrespect my friends. you are my futon. i dont change sheets often though. what? ps curry send the chap again i was pumping gas. or thieving m nature if you willl.


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  1. jen

    on February 19, 2010 at 10:50 am

    “happy doesnt erase imparity”

    nor does parity ensure happiness.