drawing straws for the tp in the porta

September 17, 2009 at 2:20 am
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i have been booked up. never experienced this kind of busy. i actually use my calendars now. and thanks to shaheens organization method ill make some dents in staying on top of lots more i think.

though i still have over 8 books in progress. where is my mind.

my mind uploaded a lot of pictures. they are all here:

coil tubing
creek casino
z is a harlet

new: i think the gaming group has been born here. steven jenny and kevin are great gamers. it takes a group with a special head for stupid detail in order to have a good game. i dont think the group has the energy lately for playing arkham horror but it will come. maybe. arkham has killed steven and i every time. we will persevere.

(insert image!)

the ebb and tide of my emotions has definitely stabilized over the last couple months. i have not had time to even doodle the kitteh tent that i need to make to make the z happy. i need to get on that. a few projects have risen to the top lately in fact.

time. is very precious. never waste it.

more new: i have been drinking juices here and there. jen tipped me off to the champion juicer model which is a masticating juicer whose motor just keeps on and on and on. who knew drinking vegetables could be so delicious. well obviously jen did.

im headed to atlanta for the weekend. my sister the urologist will not be working so we are going to hang out. were seeing medeski martin and wood on friday. jen took me to see elvis costello a couple weeks ago. yep. if you hear me whine about anything, please kick me in the teeth first, then punch my ass.

(insert image here)

right now im trying to get my ankle to pop. you know that feeling where you have a joint that will make a satisfying pop but it wont pop?

mom and dad have iphones now. yasmin has an iphone. wtf have i done. my technolust has spread. i foisted it on my loving family who were free of the shackles previously. now we are all doomed. without their tempered restraint my electronic addictions will run amuck. dont talk to me. you might become the owner of a supercomputer or a tricorder the next day.

(insert image here)


1) if you are an asshole that doesnt GET it when people that you are talking to are bored out of their fucking minds, then you deserve to have people talk about you behind your back. why? you decided to waste their time and pretend to have a conversation but instead you just prattled on

2) if you are going to offer advice to someone, you should stop for a moment, take your hand, and slap your face as hard as you can. why? youre so wrong i can smell your odor from here.

3) hello garbage men and dipshit bums in the alley. its so much easier SO much easier, to get the garbage into the dumpster if the following occur: you dont slash the bags of GARBAGE open and throw the contents on the ground, and then OMFG if you throw the contents of the tub INTO the truck not ONTO the ground.

im winding down. somehow, although my goal was to be asleep by midnight every day, i have developed the 3am burnout. unfortunately for my special little body im at work by 830am. well nominally.

(insert image)

still, there must be a precipice. right? i cant keep dancing on the lips of a gaping mouth forever and not ever feel the hot breath of futility or internal collapse, can i? tonight its 2am, so maybe the winds of change are blowing that hot breath into my ear and giving me a slimy willy.



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  1. jen

    on September 18, 2009 at 3:20 pm

    I have never met anyone who writes/thinks quite like you.
    Kitty tent? Um, more info please!!

  2. rxer

    on September 19, 2009 at 4:50 pm

    I second what jen says. Ilove reading your thoughts articulated in a beautiful manner.

  3. dog

    on September 19, 2009 at 7:44 pm

    Twenty. No: thirty. Fukit.

    Thanks for listening to the voice from the abyss amidst the backdrop of lobster-trypsin dance and cheap tobacco. There are anchoring tethers. Grateful = i