emergence from coma. as butter.

August 17, 2009 at 1:56 pm
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i havent really been in a coma, but recovering from the exodus of a gf. it has been an up and down month but im coming around. if you know me and we are friends, thanks for keeping tabs on me and propping me up. while im not surprised that my friends continue to be so fucking awesome that im sad for everyone else in the world, im no less thankful. and thanks for listening to me rationalize something thats not rational and prattle on and on about endless details about what was fun and unfettered but simply didnt work out because we were at different places and had different ideas of what we experienced and how it affected us as a pair vs us as two apart.

i have also been recuperating, as i have been exhuasted for the last 3 months and acutely aware of the fact that i am either an xman whose superpower is lack of sleep or i have been dancing on the head of sleeplessness without heed of important physical characteristics. sometimes you forget about yourself. either way i have been engaging in earthy, all veg activities, consuming every opportunity to go rafting on the illinois, walks, bike rides, jaunts to the market, and terrible and treacherous trips off my patio straight into my bushes. with the help of some of my mentors here i will be producing alcohol i cant drink, juices that will sustain me, bike rides that strengthen me, and possibly tshirts that win the hearts of all and the hatred of the rest.

im slowly getting my new place livable and cozy. it needs paint, but im not ready to commit to that weekend project just yet. it also needs curtains, but alan already psuedo volunteered his mom for that project. there is also trepidation regarding a new tenant next door. russell moved to houston, leaving rather large shoes to fill for the next person. lets see how the chips fall, with me prepared to cry in agony or yap in triumph.

some of you might notice a striking resemblance to bakeumz site. why? he found the theme that he dreamed of, and soon after he showed me the dream, i ate it and burped my way back to wordpress to lick the table scraps he shared. heres to bakeumz:


notice the lack of posts also. i have returned to the clutches of wordpress and i guess im ok with it, although im having a few issues running some scripts that jax found for me due to mysql version problems. (this is partly bluehost sucking shit once again and requiring laborious sessions with their more than inadequate customer support crew). im already sure that there will be customization boundaries, but all in all im more concerned with content lately. and eggz themes. im not saying drupal will be dead to me, just think that wp abstracts more of the grunt work right now and allows me to continue with slovenly practices of site maintenance.

let me not forget about my little buddy zaph0d. she has taken the bizarre changes over the last few months far better than i have. the moving, the late nights, the sulkiness, the parties, the new couch, the constant inflow of new people. my kitty is the friendliest fiestiest pink eared meower around and is not afraid to meow meow it to anybody dumb enough to say otherwise. and she probably thinks im a retard for “meow meowing” at her all the time.


last: music has been the constant pulse that i have been clinging to for the last 3 weeks to get me through washes of emotions that i have not known how to interpret. and while im listening to space fertilizer now, it was foxes and panic and robots and ghetto and mulshi and sleep-swim and all the rest. im not a virtuoso of anything but i know that the music was the phosphate buffer system that has kept the coke from dissolving away my self. thanks buffer.

ill see you around. sorry to have fallen off the world. we can build him stronger.


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  1. Yasmin

    on August 17, 2009 at 10:13 pm

    no one can read the comments anymore? that is cool. i cant believe how pimp the collage action looks. i like it a lot. and i love reading your thoughts again. let the “drupal” pour out buddy…you have some very dedicated readers (besides me im sure!)