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June 16, 2009 at 12:38 am
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did you know that openoffice totally sucks compared to ms office 2007?
did you know that windows 7 is lickety slam better than vista and vista was no slouch?
did you know that the writer and director of rent jonathan larson died the day before the release of the musical?
did you know that if you rub wet coffee grounds on your post garlic stankt fingers that you will again be able to smell the world?

did you know that:

while i have reached an all time high hatred for almost all social networking, most of my friends are using it obsessively and i rarely get any of them on the phone but in some cases thats a good thing because some are boring on the phone

my pretty lady is leaving for colombia for the long haul and im headed for glorious doldrums

my dad is visiting me and in the brief hours hes been here he already cooked me kheema

im going to austin to visit and go to a wedding after being gone for 1 year and 1 week and aaron is doing all the planning

my first acer ws monitor (the second of the dual monitor pair i assembled two years ago) was just received by acer for color problems

i threw out six pairs of boxer underwear in favor of boxer briefs

i reflashed my fw with 2.2.1 and nuked over 6 pages of retarded apps. the hunger is still there however

my mom uses her zune and its easy

i use my iphone and often revile it

i suffered my first meaningful defeat on scrabble online and it was down to the last word

israel offered peace, but the way a cruel and cripplingly stupid parent offers badly cooked eggplant to a child used to grilled cheese

yes many things have occurred in the last month. i did move from down the street into a great duplex. more room, better layout and way WAY more rabid dogs running into the bathroom. everything but the last part.

i suppose most of my selfish abstinence from the online world of self gratification has been to hang out with amy before she flees from oklahoma to a city that almost sounds like a state. im happy for amy but im not happy for my shirts because they will be stained by the river of my tears for months. awwwwww.

you might think im being flippant. but when you come over and hear the smiths blaring for hours on the stereo youll rethink your tack.

ive posted a little more evidence that i am indeed alive here:

have you leveraged the power of tags in flickr yet? after the YEARS of harping i have done? no? here is a demonstration :

birthday :

amy cute :

cat :

me chicago :

im almost moved in to my new place. more worthless pictures are forthcoming. of my new place, my new truck, my new silicone breasts, and my new board games.

settle, kettle.


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