hi. my love is in the hair.

May 20, 2009 at 5:33 pm
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lets be honest. i have not been posting shit to the internet lately. i guess in my old crusty age im getting curmudgeony? i turned 31 on saturday. it was a brilliant affair. there is so much to tell. to tell who? more on that in a subsequent post. right now i want to give props.

amy got me a tshirt that is going to get so goobered up from constant wear that she will hate it soon. the goal will be to wear it to the cinema in its worst state with her berating herself for giving it to me.

shaheen got me a sweet threadlesszzzzz but i am not quite a yeti yet so i will trade it in for a shrimpy size, but the threadless theme of her gifts is predictably awesome and i hope she doesnt start getting me spoons or slippers because im old now.

yasmin sent me a photo that apple would kill me to get the rights to but fuck them because they still havent given me push notifications so i keep the picture until.

the grand finale. momz pulled a couple off my amazon wish list and i just got flummoxed by two calvinos and real genius, which got stolen in the great train robbery of 2007.

i love everybody but i love you guys more because you got me stuffz. free market folks. my love is for sale like everything else in the world.

i will be posting to the blog soon, just discovered a tool that jaxon has been telling me to use for months, and with it i finally have the help in shaping a few more facets of the site.

but if you look for me on frackbook or twerpster youll probably get nothing as i apexed and am now in decline on both. try your hand. who knows. maybe this old dog will learn new trix. i still lurk like the trew l33chr i am.



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