the canoe is floating folks. it is floating on your nasal effluent and its FUN to row through it.

February 28, 2009 at 7:11 pm
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i posted some pictures from the phone. if you care to look they are on flickr.

speaking of flickr, if you are like me and want a local copy of your pics so that you can show them to people really fast, but dont want to maintain two sets of photos, you should check out flickrbackup. its finally a usable prog imho.

yasmin is telling me about her feelings about the pictures i posted. and now im posting her impressions to this post that announces the pictures to you.

“its not a ureter thingy”
“stop posting this”
“i had a good day”
“why do your hands look like skeletons”
“that picture was gross”
“this external drive thing is really annoying”


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