novel emotion and its effect on your presentation.

February 26, 2009 at 1:36 pm
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i was thinking about something cynthia said and my subsequent question regarding it yesterday.

basically it concerned adopting other peoples notions or proclivities. but my interest in it was from i suppose a self-discovered quality in myself, where i announce very decided actions i plan to take in public forums. and i realize that sometimes the announcement is more important than my truthfulness regarding the actual subject matter.

what im driving at is this. is it cool lately to announce the adoption of certain motifs? and if so, does it mean we are all cannibalizing each others desires and momentums for the sake of a gumdrop of time in the limelight of coolness? is that why everyone is so excessively sarcastic all the time?

please bear in mind, all of you who never know how to do anything but antagonize. this is just mental masturbation here. i dont know if this is true for anyone but me, and im not making generalizations. so if you are defensive maybe you are recognizing something about yourself. go do some yoga or drink some bubble tea and calm down.

i simply saw this quality in myself and thought, wtf. this might be occurring on a constant basis, and if it is, one adopted trait in tulsa or austin or houston could so easily propagate that you might bump into your own unique idiosyncrasy or quirk in a random city because of the kevin bacon game.

i think that is a pretty awesome effect. i think the fact, though, that it appears that so many people say things without any sincerity anymore, should be far more worrisome than whether obama can use his blackberry.

additionally, im quite positive that only four people read this blog, so my chances of bumping into me are slim to none. if i DO bump into me though, it will be the most meta thing to ever happen to me now that i have blogged about it. my own personal ubik.


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