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February 18, 2009 at 12:27 pm
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if you are like me, then i dont want to meet you. cross the streams, protonic reversal, you know the shiz. but if you are like me, you dont have a mac. you might have an iphone, but you dont have a mac. lets take this a step further.

if you have an iphone, and have a pc, then you have itunes.

itunes on a pc. itunes on a quad core pc. itunes on any pc.

sucks. itunes has gotten so bad that i get into a bad mood when i launch it. i get mean. i get angry. im not someone you want to fuck with when i have itunes open.

yesterday, the clouds parted. no, not the kind of parting where you think “holy fucking shit the clouds just parted and i had a revelation.” more like “hey lookie there some clouds are parting!”

for it to be the former, the foobar plugin foo_dop would have to work perfectly with my iphone. it does not. yet. however, the latter has been achieved with mediamonkey.

i know i know. mediamonkey is uglier than monkey turdz. it used to be anyhow. now it is passable with some mediocre skinning.

still, it is far superior to itunes for managing music, tagging music, and syncing to the iphone. oh and not generally sucking huge piles of memory and dinosaur shit.

so now itunes has been relegated to firmware updater, iphone backup, and background suckass. i can use my iphone with ease and transfer music with ease.

a lot of other stuff in my life is going on. its all good. saw paul rusasabagina speak at TU thanks to margarets headsup. still love the life out of the ratatat remixes album. still love mitch hedberg. playing games = awesome. taking walks at night : awesome. gaming with dongle –> awesome. cooking, delicious. the rigs are informative. the cat is dapper. the pants i wear are all too baggy. the face is devastatingly 5’oclock shadow at all hours. the pile of shit on my desk at home is getting taller and taller even after i finish everything on it. the pile of shit on my desk at work disperses then gets moved to my whiteboard.

here are some videos i took on my phone that i havent rotated yet. if your life is good why not quit checking faceshitbook all the time and call me up and chat with me? fuck the internet. <3 internetz.

im having fun. rawk your face you lovable monkey.


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