Elijah Price

February 12, 2009 at 6:24 pm
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Is peanut brittle the evilest of all brittles? Or is it just me?

It is so amazingly good and so amazingly bad for you that you don’t give a good goddamn about it. The crux, however, is the term brittle. I think it would be remiss to assume that “brittle” is in fact a reference to the “state” of the confection.

More accurate, I believe, the term brittle is used as a culinary ploy of propagation to assuage the eater into a sense of complacency and resignation with regards to the brittles fragile nature, which in turn spreads it’s evil seed farther into the expanses of an unsuspecting world.

“Something brittle can’t hurt you…NO!…so I should have another piece”.

Culinary Darwinism at it’s finest (and how appropriate considering this particular time and year when we are celebrating Darwin’s 200th birthday). The inherent nature of the peanut brittle is exactly the opposite of the connotation of it’s nomenclature. The brittle is indeed strong and acutely dangerous…dare I say evil. All manners of Izod and Charpy impact testing can not quell the beast that lies within.

I have fallen victim to you peanut brittle. Your evil scheme. Your dispersion dynamics. I have broken. I hate you. I love you.


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