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December 11, 2008 at 4:37 pm
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the last month really seems like it happened in moments. fleeting moments too. i have become enmeshed in good work, so my days i dont have to worry like others about being bored at work. as a matter of fact i have the luxury of ALWAYS wanting to work hard because there are so many cool things i want to do at work. im fortunate in this respect, i realize this.

in no particular order here are some interesting things going on in my neck of the forest for the trees:

went to india. my mom set me up with a ticket to india to go to my two cousins weddings in pune. met up with my sister in newark, and we flew there together. while there was much anxiety the day before, the terrorist situation melted away after a huge military convergence. so we flew into mumbai and drove straight to pune without issue.

i decided to try something new out so i left the camera at home and use only my iPhone for all pictures, knowing there would be other people taking pics. i took the phone also knowing that with all the neat toys and goofy image editing apps i waste time with that lots of people would be entertained, and i was right! you can see my pictures here:


it worked out pretty well mainly because i knew my sister was taking great pics which you can see here: http://flickr.com/photos/yasboo/sets/72157610861520738/

im back now and while happy to return to work and my apartment, i cant help but feel differently after this trip. i guess its the bustling and active lifestyle people have to have due to all of the infrastructure problems. in spite of the power outages, the dense living, the pollution, the corruption with the government, and the host of interesting foibles related to living in a place where so much of your family lives, i am compelled. who knows where i end up but there is india literally in my blood so i wont deny the propensity i have for one day living in the country my parents are so in love with.

i will post a slightly more detailed impression of my trip later, but im working on other things related to the trip so i doubt it will be as matter of factly blogged so that i dont spoil the punch with lots of dirty dipped hands.

this holiday season is a weird one in so many ways. i will be going to atlanta to hang out with sister instead of houston with the parents. it would be extra splendid to go to houston because my cousin and her hub, plus another cousin are visiting my parents, but i had decided earlier to go to atlanta. everything is cool boss. we will have fun. the cat is going to go with me because she needs a change of venue.

also i will be starting hospice soon. this is very exciting for me. at this point its relatively inexplicable why though, so more on that after it has progressed.

technical topics i may or may not have conveyed:

i have an iphone and i like it more than you love your first amendment. yes. i said it you slub. iphone is a brilliant device in spite of the shitty management of apple with bloated software that can make you a sandwich and throw it up on your face. get one and join the world.

xbox dashboard is brilliant. watching macguyver season 1 through netflix via xbox is brilliant. 3 person voip chat a tat is brilliant. get one and leave the world.

i have begun putting my new nightstand into effect. its coming and its going to change my life. my life being relatively simple and constant, minor perturbations will have significant effects. you should see what weird cheese does to me.

steven helped me properly format the sidebar on my page. it looks nice. you should check it out and then pour a 40 out in honor of stevens work. the only two major changes coming on the blog are replacing those dumb pictures in the header ribbon with less general and less totally boring images, and retagging every single post i have. i have decided my tagging scheme is so convoluted that i cant properly access my own posts.

what else is there? it is tundra here. solid cold. i dig it, but i really need to start layering clothes, as in ways it is colder than chicago. i am spent.

hope you are getting plenty of fiber.



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