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November 6, 2008 at 10:59 pm
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first things first. im always late to the party, and in this case if i didnt get the second invite from z i probably wouldnt have even knocked on the door.
splain? yes the thom yorke solo album “the eraser” is my number 2 album of the year. number one is charlotte hatherleys “the deep blue.”

both of them are sonically so refreshing that i keep listening to them on repeat and finding myself listening to them in different ways every time. but they are not disorganized at all. i love them both too much its kind of gross how much in fact.

notes on today:

my goodwill wireless keyboard is finally sighing its death breath. the Ctrl button is resisting all of my attempts at rehabilitation. its ok buddy. you have done well.

today i finally decided i like my corner coffee shop. its not teeming with stupidity, and there is a decidedly apathetic and anti trite feeling there. plus is is so close i can spit on it. proximity rules my narrow minded thought processes so this is key.

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