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October 18, 2008 at 9:38 pm
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so the latest in the greatest for me is this feature in itunes 8 called genius playlists. i know it doesnt sound like much but for me it is game changing. it takes me hours sometimes days to make a mix for me or others. i just get so sucked in. obviously i will keep doing this.

but it does limit my output for selfish reasons.

anyhow, i got myself an iphone and joined the group of retards in the world that spend way too much on a cell phone bill, and in doing so forced myself into an itunes world (knowingly, as i fully acknowledge that the iphone is the bestest phone there is).

well it turns out that the iphone is still awesome, but itunes in general sucks even more than i last remember it and i hate myself every time i have to drag its window to experience sloth window refresh.


omg the genius playlist. i dont know what the scheme is, how it indexes, but it makes fantastic mixes. you find a track, you click the genius button, and boom. mix you wish you made.


what i want to see is if the playlists that people make share much homology. i imagine that some of my friends have a lot of similar music, some dont. so im posting the one i just made here.

if you have the lcd track “losing my edge” click it, make yourself a genius list, and post it somewhere so i can see it or email it to me. link to it. flickr it. something. i want to know if we are all the same genius products or not.

thats it. this asshole is going to play board games with people and hopefully make some more friends here, as the cat is finally losing her appeal. no offense zaphie.


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