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September 1, 2008 at 10:19 pm
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i made much progress on the site this labor day weekend, but it still has minor kinks to work out. that and a large portion of content actually has to be filled in now that the muscles and the fat are hanging correctly off the bones of the new platform. drupal has not been without some quirks, but under the hood it has been far more pleasant to work with. mostly because there is more clean modular code with plenty of accessible documentation.

if you come across major design issues or problems with the site please let me know. im still grappling with different ways to chop my tagging schema as there are infinitely more possibilities, and there are some features still missing, like an analogue to a blogroll, and that really annoying text addendum that calls every non-registered commenter “not verified,” which technically is true.

in non shutin news i have no less than three new projects to be working on in addition to intense gm3zing and attemping to solve the tulsan puzzle via bicycle. soon you will be able to see my profiling progress!

back to slothdom. today the cat was on the third floor of her cat motel lounging. she barked at me, and then looked straight at me, jumped on the floor, and proceeded to go to sleep again right under the fan.
sloth compatriots to the end.


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