August 11, 2008 at 7:44 am
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more apt pictures. you are sick of them!

some of you may notice that the post body text is now actually readable! i meant to fix this months ago and kept forgetting. hopefully this means less of you need to go here for new glasses.

my apartment is still slightly disheveled, but its weeds away from a real garden so my work has been worth it. ive been enjoying a lot of things lately. here are a few:

-swimming off and on
-sushi train
-my centro
-my dual monitors
-sexbox. seriously. geometry wars retro 2 omgz <3 u
braid = semi
-the six pack remix from midtown liquors
-self – gizmodgery (thanks homuncle z)

ill be having my dientes examined and scrubbed on tuesday which is pretty exciting for me. i expect them to tell me they will need to pull out coarse grit sandpaper to really get any work done. i hate the dentist. it must tear at their soul to be so chipper while their patients writhe in pain.

mostly what i am enjoying is just living nice and peas fully. i have been cooking most of my food and slowly exploring tulsa. im finding it quite refreshing.

things i am not enjoying lately:

-conversations dealing with politics.
-trite observations on social networks. i actually get embarrassed for people.
-no central market in tulsa. i only started frequenting central market after aaron moved to bailey ln. until then it was a once in a while stop off. havent been to the whole foods here yet but i wasnt a big fan of it in austin.
-the lack of 7-11. i had no idea how big this one would become, and it is slowly driving me to the brink of a potential impetuous decision. if i come across a fucking slurpee machine on the wrong 100 degree night and am faced with the option of sonics absolute crap slushee or getting my own ice shaver slurpee monster i might just go down the path of the dark side and forever seal myself to my rotten tooth fate.


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