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July 15, 2008 at 5:40 am
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it has been a long time, but i am nearly back to normal organization here in
TULSA. im on my lunch break at home right now. my lunch consisted of

goulash, water

i have started coming home for lunch because i like my food. it is WHOLESOME.
additionally i like borking around on the internet and watching tv with the cat before my nap.

lets get to the meat and potatoes of whats been going on since my graduation in austin.
here is the image based evidence that i have been physically present in the world:

this is not to say this is the summary of my goings on so let me summarize first.
i finished my last semester in austin this spring. on may 16, (my birthday!), i graduated with my second bachelors degree. this degree was in petroleum engineering.
unlike my previous degree in biochemistry i had already secured work for post graduation.

in the midst of classes and graduation tasks and partying as best i could with limited time, i was also selling my house of nearly 4 years in austin, and prepping to take the FE exam. the FE exam took a backseat to pretty much everything. so when i took it i felt dumb, but dumbly confident. heh. that result was just released a couple weeks ago, and it was a pass. out of fail or pass.

the house sale was a bit tricky as i had to start work on the 9 of june, and what with moving to a new state (im getting to that) the sale was executed in a flurry of activity. i had help, major help. huge HUGE help from scott bettersworth. if you think to yourself “fuck i will never know as much as issac newton about classical physics” then you understand when i say “fuck i will never know as much as scott about real estate.” my parents. constantly. with arms and legs, with pocketbook, with dal, with <3 mom and dad retain the title of champs. and then hella help of course from my friends in austin. they all busted ass for me but mister boyle deserves special mention. thanks to his housesitting prowess i didnt pee my pants every time i saw an austin area code phone call fretting over a squatter. thanks mike. he gets what he wants!

so i alluded to a change in location. if you know me, and you have been living on the underside of a cast out bean can then you dont know i live in oklahoma now. if you dont know me try to finish reading before you come meet me. wut. i moved to tulsa oklahoma because my old boss from my summer internship asked me how i felt about moving up. i thought about it, then realized i didnt really need to think about it, and now im here. it has been fantastic. and you cant spell fantastic without fanta stic.

i have met some cool people seen a couple ok shows (tom waits, ween, wut) and am nearly through adorning my apartment. i had grand plans mind you for a tatami bed that i made myself, and a pair of nice sturdy but very modular bookcases after buying a new drill and saw (thanks asswipes for grand theft two). these plans fell through because its hot from 5:30 – 7 and the first few weeks here have been busy. so it was easy to steal an old bed from the parents and let target build my bookcases for me. thanks target! yankee doodle china!

all in all it is ok. i found some nice things and now that i have the two important tools i can start dorking around with things like the SWM II and a rack for pots and pans. oooh! domestic!

i havent yet gotten into the habit of going to the corner for coffee or beer or pizza or whatever else. mostly because i have had to do the post-move buy spree and for whatever reason what seems most frivolous is spending money on shitty food. i guess im a little snooty lately. ill get over it when i cross cauliflower with salmon or something one day and gag on my own tongue. so far im still snoot and i come home for lunch so im not yet to that point.

so there it is. there is more. and ill try to be an asshole about burping it up here more regularly again. there is a chance that i once again modify the site as i saw one that reminded me of my old electrical engineering website and immediately became wistful.

well see. there is so much to do. so much time. huh?



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