June 14, 2008 at 4:19 pm
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it is a mixed bag of emotion that i am pulling from though. i have my own internetz now so no more pulling off the neighborz now. but now that im living in a place where other people have the same internetz i dont feel like i have the blinding lightning speed i had at neans.

ahhhhh neanz. i still have love for you. but a dirty, secretive love that is unrated and under the sink.

now that i am back to reality (wut) i will debrief the sphere on my totally nonuniqued experiences since moving from aus to tuls.

here is the nutshell:
graduated, partied, moved, returned, partied, moved, work, cook, eat, read, unpack, beer-3.2%, ‘rentz, travel, frinds, more frinds, it begins. fleshing out will ensue.


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