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June 3, 2008 at 4:30 pm
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so today is great! matt drove in from austin to help me and dad load up the pickup. now we are just north of dallas and probably an hour from oklahoma where the brisket sandwiches that dad hooked us up with will be torn apart the way that a tyrannosaur rips into a brachiasaur.

this also marks a momentous event. short of the rinky dink cell phone sms –> xmlrpc posting or flickr img upload to blog post or jott–> xmlrpc this is my first true mobile broadband post ever. matt has a wireless broadband modem through AT&T.

and in spite of the lack of experience with high speed wireless transfer networks let me just say that you people paying 40 a month on top of your cell bill for EDGE access are um…

mobile HEH!


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