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May 6, 2008 at 4:39 am
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i will be making yet another move in a very short amount of time. my new job that starts in early june will be in tulsa oklahoma. im extremely excited about the job and the people i will get to work with, and after reading incessantly about tulsa i am excited about the tulsa experience.

but im nervous. i know im no spring chicken but i have never actually lived so far from any family or friends. i mean its not THAT far from houston where my mom and pops are but its still going to eliminate the 3 hour drive to see them and im getting very sad about that. im also sad that i wont have my beautiful friends around to support me and i will most likely be a morose codger and cry like a baby about it for a while.

but its not like i wont be disgustingly wired there so my online presence will be unwavering. i love you all and i expect you all to come and check on me while there.

here is the beauty you can get out of music i have been listening to this song a lot as it is echoing my mood of late.



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