they just keep coming.

March 26, 2008 at 3:41 pm
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part of the appeal in the muffin joke for me is how long it took me to STOP trying to figure out what it was i missed in the punchline. and i get the same feeling with this one. the feeling that you are in a meeting and everyone knows you peed your pants but you. what? so someone tell me if im missing the forest for the seals.

A baby harp seal walks into a bar
Bartender: “What will it be?”
Harp seal: “Anything but Canadian Club on the rocks”

Baby harp seals don’t walk into just any old bars.
They walk into clubs.

addendum: scott, the true purveyor of absurdity, pieced it together for me. two jokes. no connection. make sure to tip your waiter on the way out.



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