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February 13, 2008 at 7:42 am
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so i found a great rss aggregator that allows me to untether myself from itunes and go back to foobars nice warm arms. i had been messing with juice, ipodder, bitscast, jpodder, and a few others and throwing up so rapidly that i always went screaming back to itunes when i felt a pull towards news and informational audio. well that shouldnt happen anymore as ziepod has a clean and simple UI that is snappy and functional that should imho supersede the shit that was audio rss aggregation in windows previously.

i also discovered the wonderful world of opml import/export. so if you have a list of feeds you always update on your audio player, export it to an opml file and email it to me. i want to pool everyone elses feeds into my own sift through and keep what i like and then have my own list start automatically exporting daily to my server so my feeds are accessible from my laptop or my computer lab. i might also publish it to the website so everyone can dl my list and laugh at me learn my abcs.

this serendipitous software find was lucky as i had finally had it with itunes as a music library as opposed to the stark and functional UI of foo not to mention the ability to traverse my music by filesystem or tags. i would just use itunes for rss aggreagation only but itunes destroys the ipod db that other software writes specifically foo_dop and winamp. no play nicey. i suppose maybe everything would “just work” if i was using itunes on a mac but that isnt my concern so ballz to that hypothetical.

here is the first pic i ever posted to flickr. the context? 8-bit show at emos that alicia convinced me would be redonkulous. it was. i seem to recall a tshirt being bought at that show…



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