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January 21, 2008 at 10:59 am
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word that i am going to say is this on joy division.
on this blog that is.

i had this shirt that zahir gave me.
it was a beautiful shirt.
it was an amazing shirt.
it was a joy division shirt.

it wasnt shit shirt with concert dates on it.
it wasnt hand made crap i made with spray paint (done that)
it was a beastly hand me down that i wore repetitively without even knowing the draw.
maybe i found the draw years later? probably not.
still, im in love with their notes.

in my last year of college the FIRST time around,
in my last semester,
as i was transporting my belongings from dorm to car,

someone stole my soiled laundry.

they took soiled drawers.
they took so many socks that i am ANGRY with the dryer.



you might not think people still hold on for dear life to things like shirts.
i do.

fast forward to this year -1.
i saw a girl wearing the same THE SAME joy division shirt i inherited.
so i asked.
did you see them?
where did you get that?
( i was giddy with apprehension as i thought it was my stolen shirt )

“target” she replied. then she sneered and walked away.

i was felled. im still spry, but i was felled.

its all relative and that is at the happy end of spectrum life,
but that was a peg down in the world for me.


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