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October 11, 2007 at 6:01 am
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food is so very necessary.
its a multipurpose word but it is not dirty like fuck.
i can make food. you can make food. making it is fun.
making it on the rug,
making it on the couch.
making it in the kitchen.

when i make food it is rarely palateable. it is cherished though.
by me.
thankfully i am palate?-less according to general outcry.

i eat hummus because if i am to gain it is through absorption.

NO. tonite says i have subsisted on OM long enough. it is time for substantial gains. tonite is when tame dies. creation happens in my furnace. tonite.

tonite. we are going to make:
two cries of pierced focus
a glass of coconut soup peppered maligned of basil and basil
a heaping love of rapport no leeks

it reeks of it?

food for food. sleep for food. im a liarcook?


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