September 4, 2007 at 3:04 pm
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the wrap up!

this summer i worked an internship at Penn Virginia Oil and Gas. it was a fantastic internship where i worked with a very cohesive bunch of geologists and engineers. half of the time was spent in the office in houston and the other half was spent in the field at marshall texas, which is right smack in between shreveport and longview.

while i was out in east texas my house was robbed. they stole all of my movies, my dads old camcorder, my dvd player, my power tools, and a giant trunk. additionally they gave me a healthy dose of fear so that i have locked down my house in a more orderly fashion. nevertheless if i had the opportunity to track them down and rip their eyelashes off i would do it.

when i got back from east texas i found the kitchen in disarray as my parents were having the kitchen remodeled. the first major work done on the house since they first moved into it in 1991. the fridge was in the living room. the stove was out of commission. the microwave was in front of the air conditioner. the birds were at another birds house. the cat was going insane. but it all worked out and now the kitchen is new and improved!

towards the end of the summer i took a trip to spain, which is my first trip back to europe since 1996 after i finished high school. spain is a beaut of a country. i did not have a day that i wasnt perfectly content down to the last night where myself and my friend and her two friends partied all night long in madrid until a couple hours before my flight. savor the moments right down to the last i say.

school has now started up in a hurry and i have a light classload compared to previous semesters. this is due to the department doing a bang up job on having enough professors to meet the demand that they create by allowing every single student in the doors so that they can suck their tuition into fat coffers that allow the upper management to sit around and smoke fat stogies while chewing on 900 dollar veal. that is a fact which i found in last weeks economist.

this labor day weekend was a culinary minded one for sure. aaron and i cooked something different every day. thai, greek, italian, indonesian. i have the leftovers as proof. we are fat off the land.

i am almost through posting the bulk of photos that have been littered around my computer lately. my camera was put through hell after this summer and has now become a seasoned veteran when it comes to oil grease dirt and impact. i salute you little buddy!

so thats it. there is more on the horizon but i have to say this was a hectic summer and i am actually quite content with nice routine days. this will not last as after this week tumult will reign dominant until the end of the semester.


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