September 16, 2007 at 8:23 am
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this acl has been fun. most heartily fun. why? well there are definitely fewer bands i knew of, and there have been quite a few lemons. but it is has been great because greg and jeff and mike and i have been laughing the whole time. lcd soundsystem. they were exactly as awesome as they are on record. and james murphy is a funny and charming bastard exactly as you would expect. and andrew bird? yes. arcade fire was not as raw of a show as the last time i saw them two years ago, but they ended strong and they sounded beautiful.

still. the best was the river of comedy between us. and the numerous bump ins. youd think with 70000 plus people milling about you wouldnt bump into anyone. not so. austin can feel homey. one more day of acl left. a good bit of music worth seeing and lots of people worth watching and chatting up. more details later.

i may be posting a slew of yester years videos to youtube in addition to this years. i was told it is OK.


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