A C L – continued.

September 18, 2007 at 3:28 am
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well the pictures are up and i have to say austin has good looking people.


or maybe only people proud to just be out and sweating and walking around were there. either way it was a great showcase of healthy looking people and most of my pictures reflect it.

my acl band likes list is: decemberists, andrew bird, bjork, lcd soundsystem, arcade fire. bands i saw and did not like: clap your hands say yeah, cold war kids, st vincent. there were many bands i simply heard and enjoyed as wallpaper as our merry little troupe tamped around zilker laughing and paying too much for heineken light. greg and jeff left early sunday so it was the oldskool mike and boot duo combing through the list and making snarky comments that turned heads.

all in all id say a great value for 49 dollars!


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