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July 10, 2007 at 4:54 pm
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recent advances in software have had significant impacts on my life. you may remember some through your own experience or by proxy. either way you should know that more software is being written that gets shit done. i attribute this to the dudes that fight through the pain when they run linux, and the dudes that drink so much mountain dew their eyes are perm red.

today another blow was dealt, imho, to email client inadequacity. i found a plugin for thunderbird

which will allow you to import/export or alternatively sync your addressbooks to a remote location using ftp https webdav. think foxmarks for thunderbird contacts.

this is fantastic! i am not going to justify using thunderbird. if it has not become your client of choice you either do not need the power and simplicity it affords you for free, or you think webmail is the “best” mail. and even if you do use “best” mail you can do it through thunderbird now. google users are not immune to contact woes either. if you are not using a client locally to store your email you must be connected in order to access info. if you are doing that, you still dont have a good way to sync contacts, much less sync them over multiple computers.

it is also possibly you are not an email whore like myself and do not need thunderbird because your life is not inextricably tied to the internet. i am not willing to respect you if you fall into that category though.

so there you have it. i will probably not worry about staying on top of contacts any more thanks to the fine folks at mozilla and the fine work of guenter. thanks guys!

lateral note: if you all start using directory synchronizer, we should all let guenter know, as well as thunderbird. this is the kind of feature that immediately catapults a program to the forefront in my opinion. i know microsoft outlook does it with webdav but not everyone has access to a webdav. whereas many people have access to ftp now. at the very least i hope development on this continues in future versions of thunderbird because after using it for the last 30 minutes i dont think i will be able to go back to Tools->Export->csv.


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