July 22, 2007 at 3:44 pm
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its not like all i do is complain. im just filling the time with observations see. like for instance. ok im not the biggest fan of myspace. i do recognize the utility of keeping a profile as it has connected me to a COUPLE people that i have been pleased about reconnecting with. but mostly i hate it. i hate the shallow giggly dumbshit comments the slothlike load times the disgusting layouts people use and most of all i hate those ads after i log out.

in addition to those hates though a new monster is wading into my hate mush. the music pages. many people love to say “but myspace gives indie artists a new chance to get their work out there!” bollocks. the good undiscovered bands got it out there before myshitspace existed. all myspace does is get your work out to morons. and the latest dirtbag move on the music page writer peoples part is……..

referring to themselves in 3rd person.

are you dead? do you plan to play your music dead? why are you referring to yourself in 3rd person? it does not magnify the intensity of your music. it does not get you on vh1. it does not make people imagine leonard nimoy is reading your bio.

all it does is make you appear to be selling snake oil . and who am i. hell maybe you are selling snake oil. go ahead. cater to reptiles. i hope nobody talks to you directly at your show. everybody will just say to you “could you get *&#$dope to sign this for me?” you will feel stupid after the 50th time because you will realize a) you were dumb to suggest you were dead by writing your personal bio in 3rd person, b) you were dumb to assume your fans on myspace ‘really do love you! <3 xoxoxo ^_^ c) you wish you had joined friendster because you think that would have been a better way to ‘get yourself out there’


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