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April 27, 2007 at 2:13 am
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hyperawareness of the worlds events does not increase compassion.
this is a theory in progress so it could potentially be overturned.

but as far as i can tell being aware of more information simply tempers your reaction to extremes. essentially nothing can get a rise out of you if youve seen it all.

now i know some people thrive off the knowledge they gain. find out the limits in their world and seek to surpass them. same as some people given the gamate choose to live completely apathetic to their supposed blessing.

i think both of those responses could be traced back to the scale of worldview a person chooses to accept. i feel like i am a person who refuses at all costs to shift into the proverbial overdrive that others are in. i have saturated myself with information of such disparate sources and outlets that there is little i am shocked by lately. i am moved by things and i feel the normal throughfare of human emotion- i am not a piece of granite-but the explosive fire of motivation that i have seen others brimming with never seems to spark in me.

in my short sighted little world i feel it is the more you tune the world out the further you actually go. i dont mean in a naive way. i mean in a single minded way. if you are constantly in gridlock concerning every aspect of the information you take in you are rendered either completely dispassionate about nearly everything, or you are merely a receiver of the events that transpire around you.

if you turn off the news feed and focus on your microcosm you are capable of functioning in a fantastically productive fashion that will not balk in the face of new information.

this could be completely sour. i have not met a generaliztion that was right for longer than an hour. but i think it is a theory i buy into to some extent.

i suppose to condense it down to its essence, extricating the fat out of your day to day affairs, and reducing the consumption of other peoples affairs, means the time you spend is the time you own, and very little of your time is wasted.

of course being aware of major highlights is necessary so you dont disrupt the fabric of society. but everybodys need threshold is different and some can function with far less and still be up to date.


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