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March 21, 2007 at 4:11 am
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k and c are now married. everything i write now is dribbly icing on a really great cake.
congratulations yos. you were married years ago as far as i was concerned.

i managed to pull off a really fun spring break. it was tough.
it took planning scheming adapting accomodating.

but it got done. sxsw this year was exactly what i wanted it to be.

no lines all never heard of or only recently heard of bands

and rocking. just flat out killer rocking.

i am going to retrace my steps at some point but im a little socially fried
and so in true me fashion i will turn eveything off but school for a while.

>there are way too many toothpaste types. way too many.
>you cant buy a damn thing without looking for corn syrup first. if you dont then congratulations you are already dead from bad sugar. nice knowing you and your offspring.
>its impossible to break into academic scenes without killer grades. once your grades are low people actually believe you have the brain power of a doorknob.
>meeting bands is fun. they really arent from different planets even if their fans myself included look like they are when they are in the crowd.
>i am finally a fan of my groccery store. something about the fact that being amidst the same commotion and not having a conniption like i did in chicago once makes me feel like i might just be alright.
>having old computers around is cool. so is having 1080i run off a 7 year old computer without a hitch.

thats it. im ready to sleep. thanks for calling. better lerch next time.


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