nice warm warner

March 7, 2007 at 3:35 pm
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hello time warner.
let me take this blogpurtunity to thank you for your neverending
fantastic service over the last 8 years i have used you as an internet provider.

thanks for the quick telephone service at any time of day
and on any day of the week.
thanks for the no-charge house calls that you make.
thanks for calling 30 minutes before you arrive to my house.
thanks for making available tons of time warner local offices
so i can swap my modem out for FREE to get the latest and greatest
in less than ten minutes from my house.
thanks for only employing technicians or contracting technicians
that have a clue as to what the hell is going on to all important signal
that is pushed to my house.
thanks for also making sure those technicians are laid back friendly and informative.

thanks for constantly increasing my bandwidth without my asking,
and lastly.

thanks for having a fucking DIRT cheap price per month for the best bang
for your bandwidth connection in any state i have lived in or utilized internet in
since 1998 when i started using broadband.

your tv prices suck though.
you should lower analog tv to 10 bux a month so i can
watch cartoon network and good eats again.



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