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March 25, 2007 at 8:44 am
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the fact of the matter is that mishap is what shapes everything.
you dont stop and think about anything until something clashes with
what ” ” is wearing. you dont because there is no reason to stop.

and by the way sidebar is a shithole and the guy bartender is still the same toiletflush he was a long while ago.

i make musical mishaps all the time. the last one i made was thinking
that postal service was a fantastic band. postal service is comprised
of ben and jimmy. you know what? jimmy is the juice in postal service. you know what else? i saw death cab. and when i think about the show now? i throw up on my tonsils. before i go into the important details,

i will go into an inconsequential. when i saw death cab at stubbs which btw is a shitty venue as of dj shadow+blackalicious i noticed that ben likes to blow giant snot vapor clouds in the air while playing guitar and singing the song as if he was so cool that he had to expel extraneous snot mists that would slow him down. major viscosity yo.

i dont know if it was a medical problem or not. i dont care. it came off as disgusting and also as gimmick. hey ben. that was pretty dumb. i was dumb to go see you too. why?

because the real juice as i said in postal service was jimmy. jimmy tamborello. aka dntel.

dntel is so good it killed me in 2001. and now. i am a husk. unfortunately so is dntel. well maybe not. but i wish i could go to the show. i would slap him on the elbow and say “hey jimmy your elbow took my PRAISE like a champ!” it might be a little different. but close.

i would have gone to see dntel. it would have minced my motor functions. if dntel played i would have traded my stellar viewing of
au revoir simone. oops disclosed part of my round up. still. there is no question. life is full of possibilities is one of the best electronic whatever blends i have ever heard. its not a sing-a-long. nor is it sleepytime. it is simply thick.


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