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February 17, 2007 at 8:13 am
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request! i know have some readers that enjoy the bile that is emitted from my vocal ducts. probably one of the most avid proclaimed a dearth on the unadjusted grey and white. so here is a recap of my latest tribulations.

i decided tonite that it is a tough sell to try and convince me and maybe others that humanity is not doing everything that it does simply thanks to its existence. for the sole reason that it has to. that was excessively wordy. i am saying humanity does what it does from simple momentum. there is always rationalization of all of humanity’s action. the supposed horrible and the supposed good. in fact history does a good job of abstracting away the emotional climate of the time and replacing it with sterile objectivity. dont preserve the sentiment just preserve the outcome.

if you believe in free will this still applies. our free will is shaped by external pressure and perclivity. if you believe in predestination then it is for hierarchal satisfaction or necessity that we ‘be’ human.

either way the problem with trying to argue for animals rights or just say no or at the bad end crime doesnt pay is you are talking about humancentric constructs. if everything you do is out of human need to resolve the world outside into compartmentalized solutions that agree with a framework made by humans then how can you be sure what youre doing is ‘right?’ it is right in so far as the world and/or universe is a humancentric construct.

so do you know what is good and what is bad? you cant. you cant believe that what you feel is good for other creatures critters oaks rocks or air is good. when you scrub it you clean the casserole off and you also rip the teflon off. when you plant it you dig up the worm network that the worm spent days burrowing. when you swat it you murder the pregnant mom who hasnt yet passed her progeny. when you go veg you stick to fibrous murder. when you stick with meat you stick to close to home murder. when you murder sick people you leave only the ostensibly healthy ones to do the damage.

too much sauce on the fire. another thing i have been thinking about is canned food drives. they are so simple yes? no. canned food drives are anything but simple. why are they not omnipresent? why are canned food drives only pushed during holiday seasons? is that the only time people are thankful? so the only time they feel guilt is during that time, so that is when the grocery store will push the generosity on you at the register? does the canned food go to a real person or a garbage dump? why dont canned food drives solicit the people that donate to also help pass it out? then you can really determine for yourself if that shitty pickled onion that you donated actually saved a life or just made a kid really pissed at onions for the rest of life and after.

why is volunteering not something you read about at the register? why is it that you can actually be a willing volunteer and get turned away? canned food is a big deal. it seems that people can very easily purge their guilt by casting away their noxious vegetables. yes. they need food. so pass them creamed corn. pass them salted greens. pass them old apricots. pass them potted meat. pass them salt on fish. pass them our cast out. because guilt is easily circumvented. you fucker. dont give to the canned food drive. give your roasted almonds. give those kalamatas. give those truffles. give your ultra fine sought after dolmas because someone is going to not get to try it. you think creamed corn doesnt get bought? it gets bought. when you are at the grocery and buy creamed corn realize it never rises over 39 cents roundabouts. its not breaking even bust ass poor peoples bank. but they will never saunter over to the chocolate aisle and per chance pick out a nice 70% dark dove. summation? canned food drives dont make shits worth of sense. what makes sense? the stupid franchise groceries that put bill and latas corner grocery out of business ought to have to pony up some of that precious yummy for the people that cant afford enough gas to get into the parking lot. every month. they make more money than can be imagined. what happens if they dont? THEY CLOSE THE STORE AND DRIVE PRICES UP SOMEWHERE ELSE. there is not one single accountable greedy fucker even if all the stores stop bringing the bling. why? because bankruptcy wont kill the board. it just dissolves. canned food is stupid too when you think about what you would feed your own kids. hmm. instead of burgers and twinkyshits i think ill feed javier or hussain some nutritional and healthy salty and oil green beans that have four dyes and ninety pesticides.

another stupid meander. stop listening to the killers. what the living sea world shit is wrong with you? stop it. stop stop stop.

in the same vein. start teaching your kids two languages at birth. oh? what? you dont speak two? LEARN SOMETHING. kids are smarter with two. learn them something so that i cant bitch and moan about this and so that you are less intelligent than your kids when they are only 3 years old. do one thing right. teach humans so that they can hear in every which way that they are and always will be the dumbest fuckers on the planet no pun intended.

oh man there are so many negative rants. i have non negs too. i am very pleased with smiles. i have noticed how beautiful people are lately wearing a smile. some people wear a really sneaky smile. i like the sneaky smiles but only when they are unfounded. if you are smiling sneakily and i know the impetus for it i am probably going to call a mobster to take you out. i like the smiles that are on another planet. the ones that a person wears in impudence. yes. tell me that i am a bowl of porridge. yes i just won math counts. yes we are having a baby. yes i just pulled your finger. yes we dont have to take 35 to get there. yes. i like the smiles that happen in spite of themselves. no its not funny but hell if this smile is not gum on the shoe. i know its just a chili dog but didnt you see those pickles on the end? i like smiles and i try to refine mine by laughing uncontrollably all the time. i try to laugh like my friends because they are happy fuckers and i like them mostly funny style. i try to laugh like my dad because he has a sneaky kind of laugh where when you finally make him snicker you know hes guffawing at the core. i like to laugh like david letterman because he laughs at trifles. smiles lead to laughs and they are both pleasant.

recentious, i like more and more classical hindi music. i want to know it inside out. so i should start speaking it without care. why not?

i think that i am not a fan of the expression ‘a man is defined by his actions not his words.’ i hate that expression in fact. because it is just like a ton of stupid expressions that are evaluated by some dumb butthole who did something that 900 people thought was good so books decided to engrave value into the stupid expression. first of all there are more than men. there are these dudes that arent dudes see. ‘a woman is defined by her actions not by her words.’ fine. gender strides were recent so the genius books are in backlog and the misog publishers havent gotten around to having reedits on those. ok. well words are in and of themselves enough to elicit actions. say one word. say fire. sat it loud. say love when the fascist asks you to beg for your life. say fucker when the teacher says whats the most important word in the sentence diagram. words are the framework for your stupid actions. and while you are at it examine the so called ‘defining’ actions of the last 4000 years and what you will come up with is a long blanket of violent actions to wrap yourself in. words are the construct for pretty much everything. im not underplaying actions. im saying stop using retarded expressions and aphorisms that compare apples to athletes foot.

a man is defined by his actions is as stupid as saying the grass is always greener on the other side. tell that to the family that moved to the nicer subdivision because there was major rot occurring to the school district but the other kids couldnt move because moving costs arent cheap and rent never seems to go down. that grass was greener asshole. it wasnt a fucking metaphor.

i think im done here. i have really laid into everything i have no idea about. i dont mind doing that. im doing it for the benefit of being true to the asshole i am. im not here to make any friends or cause my readers to hold hands. nor am i virtually bellowing nice and terrible things to have a louder voice. im just doing something that seems to be pretty natural. eventually i might transition into just scribbling this crap down on post it notes and chucking them into the rear windows of hummers. because i want to talk to the jerkfucks that drive those and try to make them love themselves and not take up compact parking spots and emit more co2 than aaron after his lima beans. i also want them to gain some color sense and if they are going to drive those mobile soda can factories at least make them visually stunning not pukably acceptable.

its sleepable time. it was 2 hours ago when i started thinking i owed my reader a slice of cerebral hemorrhage. at least this way i kill one bird with nine stones.



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