January 7, 2007 at 9:23 pm
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im slowly uploading pictures from over the last few weeks.
im trying to doctor shots up now so that fewer look like bull dung.

anyhow my other gripe is with flickr lately.
going on my second year and there are still
glaringly stupid facets to their service.

one is you cannot have saved dynamic queries or nested sets.
this is really stupid.
this fosters bad organization.
when people are stupid and do this on their computer at home
it means there are a shitload of files in one folder and they cant ever find anything.
it doesnt matter if you have a macbook pro or a bsd based monster with a core 2 duo, youll spend 30 minutes looking for that little word document ‘judy’ typed that you saved god knows where.

another gripe i have is the layout of the photostream.
why cant you adjust the size of the thumbnail link?
why cant you have ‘sticky’ photos that are always on the main page?

it keeps going.

im always annoyed by the fact that there is still no general movement toward a synchronization scheme. so that you just click a button and you have locally the exact same files as online. why? because i dont want redundant organization methods that i have to implement twice, once locally and once for the server. that is a waste of time. and why would i care if i have a sync’ed local copy? well its really stupid if you cant view all of your pictures offline.
right now i save everything the way i did pre-flickr but i would prefer not to.

whatever i guess its cheap to store all these images and thats the bottom line for most.
i moved to flickr for the metadata though.
and if they dont get off their ass i hope google does
because if anyone knows metadata its google.


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