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January 26, 2007 at 1:48 am
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i have noticed lately that the web is starting to become some peoples
dirty secret. so a lot of people will pull back and not use a computer
or the web or blogs or email to sort of diminish their online presence
as a knee jerk solution to something. in fact i read somewhere that a
large percentage of the blogs to date will be nixed in the coming year
as people realize they dont really give a shit about posting things online
and probably also due to the fact that they were losers to begin with
and blogging about their loserdom was too depressing.

i think its interesting. mainly because although i sometimes am not
social on the internet i am constantly utilizing it and my v persona is
usually intact. in other words i have never seen it as a bad thing to
immediately consult wikipedia google elsevier medline or anything else
for that matter that gets me information i need. that includes people
i know. it also means i doubt i will stop blogging or flicking or emailing
simply because people stop replying. it only makes sense. i may change
the mode but the impetus will still be intact.

when i see other people who are online quite a bit as well who all but
kill their online persona off briefly i wonder what prompts them to do that.

i have recently noted that given the nearly infinite photo storage on flickr
that my memory has become strongly associative with events that i post online,
including the accompanying meta data. so if i was to simply eliminate that
i guess my brain would adapt but it would be like working out a lot and feeling
good about it and then deciding time to go back to eating a shitload of fast
food and pork all the time. not really a move forward.

i dont really know what prompted this.
could be plastikman in the background.



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