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January 22, 2007 at 3:38 am
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well i am pretty sure there are many of you (galibea, sanka)
who are in the position to tell me i told you so but i have to say,


im now running ubuntu using the gnome environment, with the beryl window manager.

everything is awesome.

i should say though that i tried to get compiz running and i couldnt get it to work.
well it worked partially. but something went kaplerky at some point and so the fancy
cube fx and menu shading was nonexistant.

beryl however was an apt-get and a script someone wrote to do the rest for me.
it took about 30 seconds and a restart of the window environment.

i am going to offer up a more comprehensive pros and cons list of my experience so far.
i am doing this in an effort to bore the living shit out of my readership. all -3 of you.

this being the absolute first time anyone has ever seen linux and beryl and ubuntu ever,
i guess it will be groundbreaking. insert snarky i told you so and you are good.

in other worthless news i bought a file cabinet and i “borrowed” aarons ds9 season 4.
in other even more worthless news i hate the fact that i have a
930am class on tuesdays and thursdays.

in relatively important news this is me going to sleep
4 hours before i usually end up calling it quits. heres to zzzzzzz!


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