January 4, 2007 at 2:37 pm
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i dont really have any this 2007.

these things are intact:

my mom dad and sister continue to be top of the pops
my friends continue to rock like granite
school rolls on
im still not really motivated by anything in particular in life
buying clothes continues to prove more arduous for me
than typical gigantor americans

these things are new:

although i dont know what the point of doing anything is
what i am curious about over the last few weeks is what
it is that great people have/had driving them.

this is new because in the past i was curious historically.
now i have a vested interest in determining what fueled their passions.
part of that process is in determining whether i actually
classify anyone as great or not great as i cannot shake this obsession
with the idea that everything is absolutely arbitrary
from good to bad right to wrong ethical unethical etc and people
align themselves socially simply out of early conditioning that it is
maladaptive to be on one end of the spectrum.

i will be making an even more concerted effort to intensify my
labors in both my degree in petroleum engineering and my interests
outside my degree.
lately that is digital media and the art that comes of it.

arrogant as it is for me to say it this is not the trend among
many of my colleagues, who value professional sports,
loose sexual behavior, shiny muscle cars that arent as nice
as a ferrari by a longshot, and ‘trips to europe’ where are all
they remember is ‘we got drunk.’
so i wont be approaching any erdos numbers any time soon.

i will attempt to not buy brewed coffee and i never did buy brewed tea.
i have a new tiny bullet shaped thermos.
bet your ass im carrying tea with me everywhere.

going to try pc-bsd. it looks good based on what i have read.
although there is something about ubuntu i cant seem to get over
i dont know what it is and many attempts later pc-bsd is the runner up.
either way i will be dual booting xp and some nix.
vista will not enter the picture nor will/can osx.

i will try to go snowboarding this year in the fall.

i will try to eat more basil.

i will give up all sugary soda completely as vehemently as some
people mistakenly give up alcohol, cigarettes, profanity, healthy
disdain for belief in a supreme being, love of m$, gaming, calling
their friends, and nudity.

heres to you having your own soapbox this year so i can listen
to you lecture me about such things. campai!



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