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December 23, 2006 at 7:47 am
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here see. today i hung out with friends. first i woke up and my eyes
were kind of itchy because i was waking up soon after i put the book
down that i was reading far too late. (the book that is about a mathematician that marie gave me to read probably more than a year ago). it is a good book. so i had itchy eyes. but i will kill it quickly.

1: my dad asked me if the cat needed feeding.
2: my cat stepped on my face to signify time for eats
3: the geologist popped his head in and said it was nice to meet me
4: dad explained production summary
5: email? tech link. check link. kris sends super dorked link.
6: dorked link deserves response. kris gets props.
7: kris replies with better props. kris is now so pr0pp3d he is
5: went home to eat lunch. mom helped heat up our food.
mom is always cool.
6: popped head in to say hi to other geologist who is comic genius.
7: question for vp. vp gives answer. vp is always ultra awesome.
8: time to go. meet dad at elevator.
9: meet birds. alex flies.
1: mom makes tea
2: back from target. dad opens sprats.
3: time to meet cynthiscottjon
4: ethiopians. they were good. easily one of the best meals i know
5: follow friends to more friends! mike and scott lo! plus their bro!
6: home.
7: pomp
8: sleep? not a friend of mine. h8 sleep. ill take it.
(future)9: dr boot in town


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