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November 8, 2006 at 4:53 pm
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i have noticed a lot of people are down lately.

im not really sure if it is the cataclysmic state of affairs in the world or it is just
self imposed solipsism with a melodramatic flair for dramatic.
i dont really buy either one frankly.
mostly because i dont have any money.

personally i have finally reached a nice warm water medium with the world.
as long as i can continue to transform aarons frozen chicken soups into good eats,
im pretty solid. and i stumbled upon a ton of hardy boys ebooks. juvenile but pleasant.

i ran a 5k this weekend.
i can go ahead and strike running for fun off my list of things to do,
but i did get a nice feeling of satisfaction when i realized that running 3 miles is easy.
i might run a 10k just to see if it kills me. i guess its a test for me.
if i was in a macguyver bind and had to run 10 kilometers for survival
could i do it without breaking a sweat?

i posted a couple pictures of me taking pictures in vain while jogging along and chatting
with another member of SPE.
they are here which is by the way my almost about to expire flickr account.

if anybody is so revolted by my pictures that you are confused
and accidentally want to sponser my next year of uploading tastiness
i am NOT going to stop you.

more updates. i havent tended to the front or back yard in months and i have found
that the grass is self regulating itself. its pretty amazing.
i have always though that would be a get rich scheme for
any biochemist/molecular biologist who actually knew what they were doing
but alas nature did it first in my yard, without beakers, pipettes, PCR, or grants.
screw you science.

i havent been blogging lately. i have been finding it inadequate.
i cant really explain it.
its the same feeling i get when i ‘hang out’ with people lately.
nobody wants to do anything different.
its the same shit all the time.
i went home this weekend and was keenly aware of the fact that
my parents never do the same shit all the time. its really refreshing.

i think the same applies to my classes.
none of the professors seem remotely that interested in teaching.
if they did then it wouldnt matter if it was their 20th year of teaching
they would all be on top of their game.

whatever. its been the same ever since i started school the first time.
i think the last teacher i felt really mixed it up and forced me to learn
regardless of my own volition was my 7th grade chemistry teacher.
he was the weirdest person i had ever encountered but i learned it.
ever since then i find teachers might be smart out the wazoo but not in the art of teaching.
maybe i will eschew all sensibilites and become a teacher.
its pretty obvious kids are cooler than adults.
its also pretty obvious that if teaching is your only skill you are going to be
an inadequate teacher past the fifth grade and you are also going to be in debt forever.
sad but true.
im not calling myself a pro teacher but i am a professional student
and i do think my input is valuable.

its ok. im ok with being a tiny voice in the multitude.
definitely cant wait to be a worker bee again though.
i want to fade into the fabric for a while.


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