November 29, 2006 at 4:54 am
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in pointillism many small points are used to fool the eye into creating a
gradient of color using the brains machinery.

it is very sophisticated. and yet.

there is no real point. ok im being figurative and literal at once which is probably
uncouth and totally moronic.

but i do it because when i was looking at a painting done in pointillism style
i realized that i have a problem lately identifying a point in anything.
is it because im missing it? is it beyond my comprehension?

sure i understand things. and i have emotions. and i even care about what is going on.
but frankly. is there a point? i know some people are going to think im being petty.
or not getting the gist of what is ‘oh so great about life’

no. thats not it. those are feelings about things. im not talking about that.

im interested in whether people actually believe they have identified the tiny points
that make up the gradient that supposedly makes up the mysterious and oh so
fantastic fabric of life.

maybe that is a question without answer. maybe not.

i dont think figuring out the answer to this question
and being happy is mututally exclusive either.

i do think that it can cause hiccups in your gameplan though.


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