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May 14, 2006 at 5:50 am
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hi mom.
today is mothers day and that means nothing.

you win pretty much every day of the year to me and so today should just be you indulging
other moms who are fractionally cool and need a special day to know they are special.

let me enumerate to illustrate:

i had back spasms while mowing the yard once and you dragged me 45 yards to the house.
two letter words are now a priority when i play scrabble.
the parrot talks in your voice. the parrot talks in your voice. the parrot oops.
you never sleep. its amazing. you run on five hours of gas then work the day.
well the rug is the nicest part of the room now.
i never have holes in my pant pockets. i still cant sew either.
i try to be a vegetarian pretty much all of the time.
(im a failure so far but i move closer and closer every day)

happy mothers day. (every day of the year).


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